Poetry & Pictures

Bio: Conversations rendered in light. One writes a poem One takes a picture Two artists blend to create one image that breathes.

Website: https://www.poetryandpictures.co.uk/

Instagram: @poetryandpictures_

A photograph of flower husks and the poem overlayed
The scent of a timeless summer,
Light play,
As day fades,
Warmth remains in the shade of age.


A photograph of the stones and the sea with the rolling mist and the poem
There is depth to your distance 
Shrouded in mist 
Like night cloaked lovers
In a midnight tryst


Photograph of gravel with a sharp shadow cutting across it. Poem
Bound by Shape and form 
A body breathless 
At the threshold of darkness
By the hands of the heartless


A photograph of abstract grey shadows with the poem
A smooth ease
Finds its way
To weave simplicity
Throughout the day


Abstract photograph of pale pink glass and water with a poem overlayed.
Something of a mystic
The future he claimed
With a debt to the past
And nothing to gain


a close up photograph of water on a bowl with reflections of plants. the poem says
While the water boils
I hope truth comes
And the lies are healed
On their blistered tongues


a photo of the sun cascading across a smattering of snow and some old wooden pallets making crossed shadows. the poem is underneath the image.
I stepped out today
With blurry eyes
As sunlight poured
From open skies


Today we were going to create some inner space.


a black and white photograph of carpet and a puzzle with the poem
through mottled shade 
our mind doth sift
poised to carve
a shape that fits


a photograph of a dark green bed of the softest grass, flanked by hard gravel. a poem rests in the grass
A greater tenderness
There could never be
Soft between the toes
Of the barefoot and the free


a black and white photo of a big white closed umbrella, with the grey sky behind. the poem says
 A dancing mind,
With wind as wings,
And hungry truth,
Prays wisdom sings.


the sun shines through a silhouette of a tree, a deep azure sky behind and the poem
Density permeated
Ease spills in
As sure as daylight
Creeps within


a photograph of snow melting in the foreground, a blurry path in the distance and sun streaking through the corner. 
From the Corner of Sunlight
Beyond focus
I see the path
Mouths in molten mountains
Sing my past


a photograph of the blue sky, streaked with wispy clouds and white jet plumes. poem overlays
The wise words
Of elders advice
Look before you leap
And always think twice


a photograph of a bight pink curtain, shaded by light. with the poem: 
Each day you are drawn
To make way for the light
Beckoning dawn
From the comfort of night


a photograph of a wooden shed, the panels stretch into the distance with a poem in between the planks:
This empty house,
What secret time,
A stolen gift,
Kept as mine.


a close up photo of a pink fluffy blanket with the poem
Sinking into softness,
I am subdued,
Soothed by the melody,
Of love renewed.


a photograph of crisp black and white shapes. hard straight lines and soft curves. a cushion and a gate. lines of light streak through.
poem overlays:
What beauty lies in this studied shape,
Of shadowed curve,
And light drawn straight.
A moments rest at Summer's Gate,
Her clasp undone, 
My great escape.


An image of blurry toes in pink water, a cream base holds the poem:
The flight of Imagination
Knows no bounds
But dances in the Realm
Where truth is Found


a photograph of the weeny hand of a child as it holds onto her mother with a poem overlaying the image:
With tiny hands,
So small and fine,
You hold completely, 
This heart of mine.


A photograph or bright yellow socks on grey carpet. A poem overlays:
No longer confined
Nor bound by edges
Vows unbroken
With wordless pledges.