Andrea Rocha

A magazine page is placed over my face. There is a photo of a woman on this page, from the neck up. The lenses of her sunglasses were cutout and it's possible to see my eyes, squinting. Two fingers are sticking out of the woman's mouth and I am using my hands to try to pull them out while she try's to swallow them.

borrow and play

This is a very intricate collage work with cutout from magazines. It is very colourful, with lots of stripes, little clocks, people being tortured or in distress, in trouble. There is lots of reference to machines to control/examine the brain. It is made to try to mimic those big control panels from Nasa or Nuclear Power Plants, or even train systems.

out of control panel (make it bigger, like wall paper)

A photograph of magazine page with a B&W photo of a couple dancing, maybe about to kiss, is combine with my arm, my real arm. The page is an advertisement, maybe from the products of the fashion designer Tom Ford, because we can read "Ford" and "leather".

it's me, it's really me

from an airplane window, a passenger can see the Dutch country side. A tip of one of the turbines can also be seen. A third of the photo comprises of a hazy and light blue sky.

there is nothing I can do

On a tomato sauce jar, shredded magazine pages are preserved for future collage works. A hand is holding the jar. On the background, a pile of magazines. On the improvised label it is written: magazink.

pulp fiction

A photo of a woman dressed in black, wearing angel wings and black rimmed glasses. She is holding a pink magazine and seems intrigued and about to fly.

day dreaming I am saving paper characters from recycling

Two cutout hands from magazines are snapping their fingers, as if to sound of music. They are glued over a light blue paper, which gives them a 50's kind of atmosphere.


A photo of a text written on a Word Document, in which I narrate my plan for a new work. It's going to be a collaged prayer in which I will use cut-out words from magazines to write it down. This will help strength my wishes as I believe in the power of the written words.


A collaboration where one artist's work is placed on top and is a collaged robot out of car parts. The car used is a red one. On the Botton, an installation where a wooden frame is squashing a dishwashing sponge that in its turn punched by a straw, over a gray kitchen counter.

the scream

This is a work horizontally divided in two. The upper part is a work from artist Ana Luiza Rodrigues where she poked small holes on a plant leaves and introduced cigarets in them. The bottom part is a collage work of mine, more precisely a robot made out of car parts. For this one I used a cutout from a red car. The two images were combined and now the robot looks like a fish.

through his mouth it dies

A collage work where car tyres are glued to form atoll-like structures. Three bird-like creatures linger around. They are all made out of car parts. The background is simply white. The result is quite cartoonish.

skip ad >I

A small sculpture of a house faced, with a roof made out of tiles and a balcony is placed over a cellphone screen. A hand is holding the phone as if trying to text something.  The house is light blue with darker blue rimes around the window. The architectural style is Brazilian Colonial. As the background, the surface of a wooden table.

home sweet

A selfie self-portrait, being the face half covered by the half of a face cut out from a magazine page. The face from the magazine is of a woman wearing red lipstick. Her hands, with red nail-polisher, is resting over a man's hand who is caressing her. The top part of the face, the real one, myself, has gray hair, is wearing black rimmed glasses and looks surprised. (it s not Photoshop)

Selfie-Portrait n.52

A found shopping list photographed against a black background. The items are listed in Portuguese, written with a blue ink pen and were probably all located in the grocery store, since they are all crossed out. There is also the detail of a text fragment on one one the edges of the paper. A sentence is written in Portuguese and can be translated as follows: "...all of this might be caused by excess of..."

found shopping list n.67 out of more than 700

A protest banner reads "FORA BOL..". It is long, made out of white cloth. Only the beginning of the message can be read. The rest is on the floor.  it covers half the window. It is dawn, a sad day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Soon we will reach 5.000 deaths a day.

Bolsonaro, get out

A blurred photograph of a Coca-Cola can. We can read only the word "Cola"

taste the feeling

On the other side of the street, on the top of a high building a couple wearing bathing suits are talking to each other, their backs turned to the camera. They are young, white and sweaty. There is a big blue beach umbrella, which is open and the woman is placed just bellow it. The building's off-white wall is the background, but we can see a little of the blue sky, with a few gray clouds. The sun is shinning.

(high) street-photography in Rio

A self-portrait where I cut faces from magazines and mix with my own. A collage work, except that not paper on paper but paper on flesh. I have gray hair and I am wearing a gray hair band. I wear black rimmed glasses and a badge from UAL. Although I am a woman, the face chosen to this work is masculine looking.

researching old research for the Selfie-Portraits series @dedeiarrocha

This is an analogue collage work. Against a wooden background there is a stack of colourful Wired Magazines, a pair os scissors and a yellow and green dishwashing sponge, placed on an acrylic base. There are a few paper-hands cutout from magazines and an open magazine. One of the paper hands is floating and trying to damp one of its fingers on the sponge.

domestic finger moisturiser for quicker magazine browsing

A little monkey is on a tree brunch, searching information on a computer!

'working from home' (unexpected collage combinations bring me joy)

A box of chocolates, except that the bonbons are wrapped in newspaper. A cutout hand from a glossy magazine is about to pick one of the candies.

sweet little lies