Liz Lister

Bio: apsire respire perspire inspire. in that order.

Instagram: @scarycurlgirl

In black on a grey background the words "Rule 4 Consider everything an experiment"

Boundaries are my responsibility

two cups of coffee and a pair of pink flamingo sissors

Latte, latte, flamingo scissors

A pointless attempt at time travel using the Ford Focus's in-car satellite navigation system

A slightly tatty bit of paper with a series of black an white squares

Art admin (for later)

A screen shot of a Miro board entitled "My process".

Trying not to create and analyse at the same time

Black and white image of a charcoal rubbing of an indistinguishable face (amelia earhart)

Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know

I could pay £130 a year for WW

A poster of a woman in a spotty swimming costume and a flowery swimming hat, wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and looking out to sea.

Give and take

Image of colourful fake flowers, arranged like a crown

DIY Spring Queen

A woman with a large spray of colourful fake flowers on her head

Spring Queen

a mock up of a meeting screen from Zoom. a grid of 25 faces, all with the title "this face does not exist" except the centre face which is hidden by hands and is entitled "the artist". a red button in the bottom right of the image reads "I am done with all of this"

TFT cdb69cfadcd8dc86a3a6f75679723c78e28e63c4294f6651d9b44cae370814b5

Map of Bristol with main roads cut out and knotted in the centre, backlit

Major arterial routes

Accessibility means more

A pair of painted hands, contorted, overlaid on a grid of faces

Self portrait in the age of Zoom

A portrait window with obscuring glass, a spikey plant in the bottom right on the window sill, a silhouette of a face and the word Valentina in a circle on the top left of the window pane

Hey sky, take off your hat, I'm on my way!


Curved and intertwining sculpture made of steel metal

Holding it together

Degenerative Sculpture

Brown card with Amazon logo, scored with a pattern of small squares arranged in a pattern

Seize control of the means of production

It's what he would have wanted

Curved cut-out leaf-shaped metal pieces planted in a wooden planter filled with bare earth

For me, spring can't come fast enough