Ellen Angus

Bio: Artist and writer based in Nottingham / Co-director of One Thoresby Street.

Website: http://www.ellenangus.com

Instagram: @ellen.angus

Text is scrawled out on a green card in black biro. The text reads;
'This is arts otherness. it's so powerful that you might sometimes wonder if art is using us to reproduce itself. If art might be a self-replicating cosmic force (or fungus?) that has colonised us into symbiotic service. This can be thrilling, it can be unsettling. It's like the ghost is writing, except the ghost picked me to write the song'
The text was copied at 2am from Jerry Saltz- How To Be An Artist.

I Want to be a Cosmic Fungus

Weymouth Pier and A Drop of Oil

Text on cream paper, an extract reads;

In This Land, 
You Say; 
‘Cream Always Rises to the Top.’ 
I Say; 
‘Like an Empire congealing?’ 
Among those dark satanic mills.. 
After all 
This is England

It's All too Beautiful to Me

Text piece on cream A4 paper that reads;

Looking at the sky in a puddle 
A slice of blue 
turned upside down,
clouds the colour of dead salmon
pass by.
I start whispering a song from The Sound of Music 

Me, a name I call myself
Far, a long, long way to runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

it sounds like a spell, a hush, a bristle. 
Before me, a woman starts along the path 
and I stop. Abruptly. 


and yet It is spring they say 
they say It is spring
The crows say it.

It is Spring They Say It is Spring (2021)

Oil paint on paper, 594 x 420 mm

Untitled (Green Woman) 2021

This line of text is from The Oil Painting Book (1994) by Bill Creevy


Text over drawing made from biro, paint and pencil on paper.

Leaky Philosophy (2021)

Oil paint on paper, 594 x 420 mm

The Afterglow of the Aquarium of the Evening Before (2021)

When your artwork becomes your beau. :(

On Aubergine like Thighs