Klara Niemand

Back of a bench on my walk today


what was left when I came back to finish my work, ashes, burnt wood and grass


remembering a mountain in charcoal and pastels


another nature spirit

Sketch of garden in pencil and pastels


Looking through my window into the garden, colours and shapes with charcoal, pencil and pastels.

In collaboration with my garden

Photograph taken early morning in Sussex, title came to my mind
 "Let yourself become that space that welcomes any experience without judgement"

Let yourself become that space that welcomes any experience without judgement.

stone torso with chalk drawings


A still life with rosehips on blackboard


A tiny lamb made of polyester and sheep wool, looking a bit weird and very happy

Is this a lamb?

the solar eclipse appeared when lifting an orange out of the bowl

solar eclipse

Rows of cups of coffee lining up...on blackboard paint, with colours colour pencil and pastels

Cups of Coffee

Sketch with pastelsof our friend's scruffy dog.

My friend's dog

A Circle of lime stones, ash holding a female torso

Circle Ash Stone Wax

Wood,  rose hip, grass and moss.


What was bringing me joy today, was observing a little girl running alone and singing high up on the bank

Little Girl running alone

Nature spirit made of straw, grass, rose hip and a bit of tissue paper