John Armour

thumbnails of works to date arranged in rows of seven for each week

Experiment with ways to document your work.

A small A5/A6 sheet sits on a brown round placemat with concentric circular corrugations. The image is suggestive of a landscape but in portrait alignment.  At the top a yellow central blob in a turquise/blue background resides above a haze of orange above a shading of greens with an area of red above a darker blue. There are two crude vertical lines almost like parentheses  or trees  or figures. The whole surface shading is in waves due to corrogated surface

A little kitchen table frottage

Over a hand written text reiterating and questioning meanings of the brief the Primary oil pastels surround solid trigonometric shapes of cut out and montaged samples colour  with montage of abstract painted shapes

Does it take the Path of Least Resistance?

I have a plan for a collage


Square shows a section of an original abstract painting which was used to make an "all-over" design for oven-gloves  next to mock up of oven glove

Oven Glove Joy

Two images side by side of square box canvases. Left canvas:  A small square box canvas with an intense pink vertical brush-stroke to the left and sparsely and lightly brushed pale orange with a touch of the pink  covers the right of  canvas . The right hand canvas is rotated so pink stripe is across the top thickly textured with a pound sign in black at top left, with hash tags and indicative graph lines

Go commercial

simple representation of a house

Home from home

box  canvas painting with postcard reproduction resting above ; on envelope in block capitals text states : "THAT RAINBOW FOR A LOCK-DOWN GREETING POSTCARD SENT OUT LAST APRIL"

postcards of hope

painting ;portrait format; predominantly red with excavated grid revealinglighter and darker shades beneath

Your thing

A blob of yellow surrounded by white encompassed by pinky brown above a pinkish flesh tone word "guilty" picked out in loose black strokes

Guilty Pleasures ? Scotch Egg

practice small pencil sketch and crayon hastily drawn portrait of red haired woman in spectacles

really must try

tabletop with postcard and painted board with graph paper at centre

Howard Hodgkin inspired research with graph paper

Toilet roll tube as paint  roller


More primary colours

Playing with paint

primary colours in stripes meet an arc of blue green with a resemblance of turbulent fluid

An NHS Rainbow meets new role.