Polly Wilson

Website: https://www.pollyjanewilson.com/

Instagram: @pollyjanewilson

A close-up shot of a single droplet of water with sunlight reflected inside it. It sits on top of thick linen where the warp and weft is clearly visible. A tiny black hair sits like a scribble above the droplet.


Line drawing of a field with waves of corn

Field FL.2 (Sketch)

A described work: A reflective surface made of straw which bounces the light and creates ghostly shapes in its reflection

Straw Mirror

A paper model of the studio containing small collage-like versions of art works in pink and flesh tones

The studio dressed in pink II - a paper version

A shot of incomplete works in the studio. In the right-hand corner are large shapes made from semi-transparent tissue paper in front of metal sculptures. white woven structures hang from an industrial looking ceiling. At eh back is a desk cluttered with plaster casts in front of which is a large whale-like structure made of expanding foam. To the left is studio light with a pink gel which baths the entire scene in pink light.

The studio dressed in pink

A white background with cut out images of modular tile sculptures made from plaster with painted shadows and straws embedded painted straws.

Digital Field

Crop like structures made from toothpicks, straw and watch parts pushed into blue tack against a white background.


A flesh tones image showing the inside view of a woven paper spiral  plait

From the inside

Three empty steel frames stacked on top of each other on a desk in a studio. They are angled so that the corner is facing forward to show the rivet and strip detailing on the corners

If you buff the frames with a grinding block and seal them with renaissance wax then they won't rust

A flying ant drawn in black fine liner on tracing paper held up to the light of a window

Flying ants eat their own wings

A wooden tabletop with an instruction manual for weaving, a pile of heads of corn, 2 organised piles of green stripped straw, and a handful of cut wheat

Prepped Straw

A crumpled surface in bruise like colours embedded in ash surrounds a black void

Grounding III

Sunlight refracted through a window

Easter Morning

A black and white image of an outstretched hand against a white background. A piece of copper cut in the shape of a field is nestled in the palm of a hand

Portable Field

A plywood box containing: a print on aluminium, a fired clay carving, coloured straws set in plaster, a mechanical moon made from strips of metal, 2 small sculptures made from painted, perished balloons, lava rock, 5 husks of corn with all of the grain removed, 3 plaster casts of the heads of corn, a circular magnifying glass that looks like a water droplet, a sheet of green paper, a photograph of tractor marks in mud, 3 strips of clay with green algae like covering, an image of earthrise, a sunglasses lens, a stick in the shape of a Y, gold metal chain, 6 enamel tests, a field cut from copper


White paper straws plaited using a spiral plait traditionally used to create corn dolly's out of straw which were thought to hold the spirit of the harvest each year. The structure is contorted into shapes reminiscent of tangled rope, haystacks, trumpets and clamshells

Mutated Corn Dolly