katy howe

Bio: Multidisciplinary visual artist/maker/performer

Website: https://www.katyhowe.com

Instagram: @katyhowekatyhowe

A green background with words written in hand written pink and black as follows:

Continue crocheting nipples
Sew the nipples together
Make a comfort blanket
Take the comfort blanket out
Wrap it around people
Talk to them
Comfort them
Photograph them
or something like that

Make/Take/Wrap/Talk or something like that

Abstract painting of phallic shape in bright smeared colours of pink, black, white, red, yellow


Photograph of a cover of a magazine. The magazine title is "Love".  Collaged on the front is an image of a woman a fashion model who is a chimera of two different women/fashion models.  She is sitting down and she has four arms and four legs and her face is covered.


Photograph depicting a woman's pregnant body wearing a tight pink dress .  She is standing in a small mirrored space and we can see multiple different images of her pregnant body. The image is cropped an the head is not visible.


Gif image of pink sculptural crocheted nipple head mask in pink wool

Nipple Head #3

Digital drawing of an outline of a head in pale beige skin tone colour, against a white background. Drawn within the head shape is a giant eye set vertical within the head.It goes from the top the head to the Botton almost filling the head shape. The outline of the eye is drawn in black and blue and the iris of the eye is a green hazel colour. In black hand written text to the lower right of the image is written, "Eye Mask"

Eye Mask

Digital photograph showing white hands cast in plaster, against a white background, centred and up close.  The are  cupped and facing upwards, holding two large natural found flint stones in grey and darker tones.


MaskFace is digital photo of a woman's face close up in the frame. She has blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail on the top of her head.  Her eyes are closed and her hand is visible, holding a half face mask made out of plaster bandage, to the bottom half of her face obscuring the lower half of her face.  In background there is a window with grey curtains and she is wearing a grey sweatshirt.


Digital line drawing depicting an outline of a head and neck centrally positioned and taking up the majority of the image. It is drawn in pale skin tone. Covering the head are stylised line drawings of nipples in a brighter pink. There are four droplets coming out of the nipples and in the bottom right of the image "Nipple Head" is written in black.

Nipple Head