Kate Davis + David Moore

Bio: Alongside distinguished individual careers, sculptors Kate Davis and David Moore formed ME-WE Productions in 2010 to mark their interest in collaborative working. Their aim is to take the integrity of their studio practice out into public spaces with a sensitivity to the people and the places that become new audiences. Working under the banner ME-WE they take an approach that holds onto the values of individual creative expression (ME) whilst seeking to communicate with the communities they are engaged with, working with a collaborative ethos (WE). The act of collaboration, whether it is with one another, a group of students or with professionals in other disciplines or within the local community increasingly informs the outcome of their work. They encourage and develop this attitude through their teaching at the Royal College of Art,London and Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

Instagram: @headhearthole

step up on the stoop, painted plywood


Weekly timetable


Trying light behind collage


Artwork made while looking out the window

Wistful Thinking

Photograph taken near Mallaig, Scotland.

Nowhere Near Here (Somewhere not Far)

Notes to self

All Beginnings are Difficult

Re -working of the a photo from the series 'eVe (Beyond the Garden  ) collaboration with The Van Eyck brothers.'

eVe (Beyond the Garden 2 ) collaboration with The Van Eyck brothers.

Close up of Eve from The Ghent Altarpiece by Hubert and Jan van Eyck with tulip.

eVe (Beyond the Garden) collaboration with The Van Eyck Brothers.

'Still Life' shop in Old Town Edinburgh  photographed  today 11.04.21 at 12.31

still life no. 54

green card model of interior window space

room with a view

life sized portrait based on one of Augustin Edouart's famous silhouettes

Miss Dalrymple

table art : upturned table leg and wooden sphere with porcelain container by Camille Biddell placed on gessoed occasional table.

Confused Modernism Staring out the Window ( thanks to Camille Biddell)

film still 4 from the film The Cut , a 3 mins 16mm film edited in the camera


film still 3


film still 2


film still 1


Drawing with Light


Lemon art Eggbox art

Stack, Shelf & Shuffle

Clipboard art work

maasss makes sense of everything