Paris Veazey

Doodling on a piece of paper with black ink. A medium sized heart with three humps rather than two over and over again on an A4 piece of paper. Most are quite uniform in size but do vary.

Three bump heart handwriting

Four clay flowers (chunky petals placed together with dents in the centre pressed into a clay garden fence (terracotta coloured)  and the sun is hitting the scene.

Baby steps

Model for claymation of a orange ceramic style fence for flowers, made of chunky pieces of clay.

Ceramic flower fence

Embroidery frame orange and blue

Try again tomorrow?

Old terrier sitting in the park waiting for it’s owners

Lost & Found

Picture of a flat light fitting inside a cream coloured ceiling. The bulb is turned on and the light is on (quite bright). There is a Mirror reflection onto the ceiling that looks like a star just next to the light.

Light 1,2 & 3

First three scene ideas for stop motion claymation. First scene is of three boils/spots with stems swaying in the wind. Second scene is the sun smiling down at the spots. Third scene is the spots on stems looking around confused/worried because they’re about to pop.

Storyboard for stop motion

Digitally drawn pieces of toilet paper with circles made up of dots and purple butterflies inside. Alongside the drawings of toilet paper is a orange toilet roll with yellow stripes.

Toilet paper patterns tattoo ideas

Embroidered cream and orange shell in orange striped frame

Shell at sea

Orange and navy blue square patterned picture frame hand embroidered with picture of a stain glassed church window.


A collection of Images that reference my name Paris eg. (A man with a Paris phone case on a coach, Two men from a film I sadly can't remember the name of wearing matching navy blue and pink 'Paris' logo T-shirts, Woman from BBC drama wearing floral pink and yellow 'Paris' T-shirt, Picture of 'Paris' text rhinestone cap in market etc) which have been placed alongside one another to form one image.

Paris facing the fear!