Nick Pyne


Instagram: @nickpyneart

2 silver-coloured metal sink plugs are about 30cm apart horizontally. A silver-coloured metal sink plug chain arcs from one to the other, resembling nipples and a nipple-chain.

Robot Nipple Chain (2 sink plugs, 1 sink plug chain)

2 clockwork motors that resemble the letter 'P' are either side of a table-tennis ball that resembles the letter 'O'.

POP (Like Clockwork).

A yellow and white plate sits on a wooden table. On the plate is a teaspoon with the bowl of the teaspoon replaced by half a pickled egg, which it vaguely resembles and is in proportion with.

Pickled Egg Spoon

A photograph of a dog-poo-bag-bin full-to-over-flowing against a back-drop of beautiful spring blossom.

England Spring Stink (sounds like a Clash song).

An aluminium bucket has partially inflated blue disposable gloves extending from its rim with a football at its centre, vaguely resembling a splash caused by a football landing in a bucket of water.

Splosh! (bucket, disposable gloves,football)

A muted-toned photograph of a brick wall with part of a white door on the right hand side, upon which the reflected light of a window has cast a rectangle of bright light.

The Door And The Window.

A human shape has been cut out of a slice of bread and toasted to a dark golden-brown. The figure lies upon a red and white checked tea-towel.

"You're brown-bread, you're toast"

A black & white photograph of a kitchen sink with spaghetti protruding from the head of the tap, resembling a fast stream of water.


An A2-sized sheet of paper with 'DON'T GET ANY FRESH IDEAS!' painted on with blue ink.

... and I didn't.

A sheet of paster-of-Paris the shape and size of an iPhone. Drawn crudely in pencil are the buttons etc, and the wallpaper is a portrait of a woman.

Plaster-of-Paris iPhone (Myrna Loy wallpaper (looks more like Maggie Smith)).

A bulb of garlic with a longish stem has had its base flattened so that it stands upright like a vase. A single pink primrose has been inserted into the top of the garlic vase.

Garlic Vase.

A slab of plaster-of-Paris with a central void in the shape of a sock. The slab is on a faux-granite background.

The Strange Case Of The Lost Sock.

A pen drawing of a hand with each finger designated a meaning when held up individually apart from the third finger, which has no meaning!

"The Mystery Of The Finger With No Meaning"

A piece of A4 sized flesh-coloured paper with nipples and belly-button drawn on, attached to the wall in such a way that the bottom half of the paper curls under to resemble a belly.

A4 Belly

A spiral of baked beans in sauce on a dark brown plate.

Spiralling (baked beanz)

Holbein's 'The Ambassadors', a 16th Century portrait of two men standing either side of shelves of multiple symbolic objects.

Jean: "If you want the Minimalist look Georges, we're going to have to declutter"

A book has been wrapped in material and tied with string in the style of Artist Christo, then a knife has been stabbed into the book and is sticking out vertically from it.

Agatha Christo (Wrapped Book)

A photograph of a suitcase with 3 different-sized old paint cans stacked in the middle, the smallest at the bottom, the largest at the top. A roll of black insulation tape with a silver badge on top is near one corner of the suitcase. The photograph has been rotated so that the whole thing is horizontal rather than vertical, thus making it resemble a camera.


A painting of a Fontana Records single record sleeve with 3 parallel cuts through the canvas in the centre in the style of painter Lucio Fontana.

Homage To Fontana & Fontana

A black & white photograph of a mug on a table with a roll of paper protruding from the mug and swirly cartoon-style lines drawn on to represent the steam emitted by a hot drink.

A Hot Drink

A daffodil head is used as a vase for forget-me-nots.