Ellen Sims

Bio: I am a fine artist mainly working in drawing, painting and printmaking. My work has been concerned with narrative, social context and the essence of things. I explore and produce through individual practice and collaborative projects and events. Graduate of the School of the Damned 2019.

Instagram: @ellen.r.sims

Mixed media image (photo transfer, collage, paint) of an abstracted landscape with images of a deer, a squirrel and a bird embedded in the background. The central image represents the layout of a nearby park.


A continuous line drawing in pencil, of a seated (at table) male figure looking at something in his hands. Wall in background. Digitally painted with muted blue, orange, purplely and green tones.

2 Birds: Do more continuous line drawing. I like your digital colouring.

View of front garden from my window, black and white digital print from scanned drawing on transparency, coloured with digital spray paint. Drawing consists of lawn, deck, brick path, paved play area lined by buildings and shrubs.

Untitled Landscape

Colour digital photo of a desk piled with drawings and other papers, and a laptop desktop filled with digital images. Window with green vertical blinds casting green hue, and bric a brac on window sill. Desk chair.

Desk job. Un-filed images on my desktops.

Colour photo (deep yellow and greens) of tumeric cyanotype with herbs (rosemary, sage, fennel), polystyrene triangles arranged on A4 sheet brushed with tumeric spice, on same sheet as the resulting print. Overlaid with tracing paper photo of same image in B&W labelling the herbs and 'sunshine, 2.5 hours exposure'.


Sketchy drawing of a mug and steam end of a kettle, curled from the corners from the effect of steam. Graphite on tracing paper.


Abstract drawing comprised of marks and drips made with graphite and watercolour (dark green, yellow ochre and red) on wet white paper. Squiggles, lines, dots and dashes; daubs with the brush. All running together in places.

Fluid resistance

Image of a smooth small stone, reddish in colour. Poem text: A pocket rock worn smooth with worry. Ah, there's the rub.

Haiku: My father's stone

Drawing of man and child seated on a sofa in comfy lounge, looking at screens (phone and TV). Vertical blinds in the window, plant on a table. Soluble graphite on damp paper.


Continuous line 'blind' drawing of person at table typing on a laptop. Soluble graphite on damp paper.

Julian typing (without looking) what I'm drawing without looking.

Photo montage, collage and image transfer. Image contains slice of kiwi, flamingo, pink flower, handwritten text and text box saying 'Have you had your Five-a-Day?' on a turquoise background.


Photo of 2 small children pretending to sleep in a cardboard box.

Sharing a room

Charcoal drawing of reflections of a table with seated figure,  in a large dark glass window.

Glass wall

Charcoal sketch of an art deco jug. Curved shape with curved handle; shaded stripes on cream background. A few black dots. Plain back- and foregrounds with a bit of shadow.

This jug spoke to me.

In three windows overlooking balcony: Paper cut outs of reclining figure in beach clothes, brightly coloured. Folding wooden side table with drink in a pineapple. Bright sun and waves. Painted with water based paints.

Beach dreams/catching rays

Charcoal drawing of sunbather on lido deck, Tinside, Plymouth. Sunloungers in foreground, pool and headland in the distance

Sunbathing at Tinside Lido

Oil pastel of a beach scene, rocks and figures in the foreground, submerged tidal swimming pool with islands in the distance. Bright turquoise water, waves breaking.

Still not right - Day 5

Photograph of a messy studio office, supplies, books, artwork piled everywhere. A desk chair and cabinets. Bags of papers.

Filed Away (it's in here somewhere)

5 photos showing the development of a tool for printing: the parts (smoothing tool, cardboard, clips) collagraph of a vase of flowers attached to a handled smoothing tool, black inked plate, applying pressure, the print results.

Putting on the pressure (collagraph tool)

Tumeric cyanotype of leafs, twigs and triangles with ink stencil, yellow and green.

Sun-Spice-Joy, Tumeric Cyanotype

Mixed media image transfer and collage of an interior with sofas, chair and lamp table at angles. Repurposed as a greeting card: 'Good luck in your new home!'.

Changing Room