Fiona Horigan

Instagram: @fiona_horigan

A4 assorted pictures of trees taken on Hampstead Heath and parkland walk- partly covering arranged over large world map on wall . Tracing paper taped over parts of pictures with lines traced of some images outlines using sharpie pen,biro and pencil .

in process

Photograph  taken at 6.30 pm today of torn smallish assorted sizes and shaped fragments of paper from a deconstructed painting made yesterday using acrylics and water displayed in a line on the window sill from the top floor showing the sun and clouds and a tree behind with expanse of brick wall above and gardens below the sill

fragments from yesterday

photograph of cut down tree tree trunk looking like it has legs with overlay of tracing paper drawn on top outline of picture in pen


description of what I would make  ..........hand written in black ink on corrugated card. Starts with words A large scale mixed media collage  and ends with words 'writing this description makes me want to make it' The description includes crossings out and inserts to reflect the organic process of thinking what I might make .

Maybe I will maybe I won't ?

2 digital collages side by side in square format made from a compilation of images taken the day before including section of photographs of from Hive installation at Kew Gardens, continuous line drawings in black ink pen and glimpses of plants.

Revisiting day 12

photograph of the Hive by Carol collaged with Fiona's continuous not looking at the paper line drawings in black pen of trees

Kew gardens with Carol

Screen Shot of auction lot  from Sotheby's where I have inserted my name and piece of my work from my collection of Billboard works - piece inserted is entitled Billboard IV and the current bid price is recorded as 22,000 GBP

Contemporary Curated @ Sotheby's !

pale pink background with black outline of iage of house inside written in black typewriter font a poem made from anagram words froma home at home 
memo to me 
meet me 
at home 
hot tea 
a mote 
the ah hah 

memo to me 
to hem 
a tame tome 
meet me at home?

A home at home ?

instagram logo with white question mark inserted in the centre


Background photograph of a tree with its roots wrapped around bricks I took on Parkland walk in North London ( once a railway line )overlayed with torn pieces of paper with typewritten text of  words of advice given by my friends today whilst lying down in the grass by Woodberry Down wetlands in response to my questions - i'm into hidden life of trees what advice do you give me on taking my work further

The hidden life of trees - the advice of friends

During lockdown I  spent a lot of time last year looking out and taking  photos at different times of day through parts of my windows. This is a digital collage combining glimpses from 4 photos creating a new window

Glimpses through my windows

digital collage compiled from screen shots of guilty pleasures blended  using image blender and then collaged using the inshot app

Googling guilty pleasures

screen shot of photos of work doing this time last year with billboard paper

A year ago - can't get back to where I was

collage of WW2 found footage of atomic explosions

Found footage

luminous pink marker joined with masking tape to charcoal pencil at the end of  long paintbrush

Hi tech drawing tool

image of a coranavirus cell drawn with graphite pencil with overlay of orange ink on cartridge paper - photographed and transformed into a digital collage

Digital collage

Marker pen and ink - unconscious mark making

Untold Story