Janet Lees

Bio: Poet and artist currently concentrating on lens- and text-based work.

Website: https://janetlees.weebly.com/

Instagram: @JanetLees2001

A poem in white text on a distressed looking dark grey background. The poem is called ‘Without looking back at the corpse’.

Without looking back at the corpse

A photograph of the gable end wall of a house, with a large map of the Isle of Man in what was once neon lighting, but which has not been lit for a long time. Cracks in the wall cross over into the map, creating a feeling of dereliction.

Sunset policy

I want to make rain

A deep red background with what looks like a sky raining blood, but what is actually a car bonnet with peeling paintwork. Reflected in the bonnet are the head and shoulders of a shadowy figure. Overlaying the image are the words 'desire desire fire drowns on the outskirts of infinity'.

Fire drowns

A photograph of an old wall with a circular window shape in it, in the light of sunrise. A shadow of a person is cast on the wall. Overlaying the photograph is a poem made from scrambled and rearranged lyrics from Jimi Hendrix's song 'Voodoo Child'.

The soul of Jimi Hendrix channelling the souls of many dead

A calavera (satirical pen and ink drawing) by José Guadalupe Posada, picturing a skeleton addressing a crowd of partial skeletons and skulls, overlaid with a promotional flash reading: NOW WITH ARTISAN BREADS & FREE GLASS OF PROSECCO.

Now with Artisan Breads & Free Glass of Prosecco

A long brick wall, whitewashed, with the outlines of three large windows which have long since been bricked in. Across the wall, superimposed text reads 'A SUBURB OF PANDEMONIUM'.

A suburb of pandemonium

An abstracted landscape image of a pond surrounded by trees, with the just discernible shadow of a person on the surface of the water. The image is overlaid with a poem, in white text on the dark background, called 'In the dark I hear'.

In the dark I hear

An image of a beam of light falling across a concrete floor. The image has been flipped and double exposed to create two beams of light that cross in the shape of an 'X', or the sign of a kiss.

The nonpartisan solace of light

Two scanned copies of the same prose poem, placed directly next to each other and seen in negative (white text out of black). Each copy of the poem has been redacted in a different way, to reveal two new cut-down versions of the poem.

[Code]pendent [Red]action