Demeter Dykes

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Photo of face made up of two halves of apples for eyes, a piece of asparagus for a nose and a banana for a mouth. Eye lashes, checks, nostrils and lip line have been drawn on top of the photo.

Will people like this?

Photo of two women, wearing sunglasses at an outside restaurant table drinking wine. The artist has a scribbled crown on her head and yellow scribble sunglasses

Cheating? No, working lunch.

The artist wearing pink swim hat and reflective goggles surrounded by various bits of paperwork - post it notes, not books, half written statement, materials invoice.

The artist drowning in paperwork

Screenshot of grid of photographs from phone of work produced over the last few days, images of faces with red lips and red painted cheeks, two halves of different faces combined to make one face and some photos of sunsets


Reflection of person in stainless steel water filter tower. Reflection of a kettle can also be seen. Two yellow chamomile flowers hide the persons eyes.

Waiting for the kettle to boil. With chamomile flowers.

Face with clown red cheeks and lips, eyes closed and black mascara running down the cheeks. Glossy Red paper spiky hair and red dot on the nose

The Line of Least Resistance

Text work that says: 30works30days Day 14 Brief: Don't make anything today. Just send a description of what you would make.

Hmmm...I have no idea what I would make as I was waiting for todays brief to inform what I would make. So, I won't be making anything and also have no description of what I would make as I have no idea what it would be.

No Idea

digital image of two half faces joined vertically. Image has been posterised in mauve to reduce detail. The manipulated image was photographed from a laptop screen and so has watery colours of green pink and yellow within it.

Remaking yesterday's work - unmasked

Face made up of left hand side- photo of young woman, right hand side - photo of older woman. They have blue marbles on their eyes, daisies in their hair and a daisy where the moths join.

Collaboration: Mother and Daughter

Figure with stack of paper on her head as a hat. She is wearing red lipstick, lace long sleeved top, multicoloured chunky bangle, two large silver rings and baby blue nail varnish

Commercialising old work - Paper Hats for Sale. One size fits all. Other colours made to order.

Cupped hand holding reclining head with courgette slices over the eyes.

Making a home in my home.

Door with notice on to enter with care. Door is slightly ajar with woman looking out at someone waiting to enter. Their leg is visible trying to go through the doorway

Enter with care! Photo by Fenby Miskin

Image of person sitting, from waist down wearing green coat, pink fingerless gloves, amber ring, blue nail polish, grey tights and colourful trainers against tarmac ground

Feedback: Have you ever considered making work people might actually like?

Person wearing peeping glasses and hat looking in at window with one hand (with blue nail varnish) holding the window frame. There are trees in the background


Photo of face with scotch egg eyes, pork pie mouth and Smarties chocolates hair

What’s my guilty pleasure? Poor food choices.

Hand holding glass of red wine laid back on black sofa legs up blue jeans and blue finger and toe nails

Struggling to make work that I struggle to make...

Photograph of face, on laptop screen covered with shredded tracing paper for hair, grapes for eyes, red lipstick for mouth and necklace

Material research

Brown leather gauntlet with paint brush, pencil, bradawl, pen and knife taped to the fingers.

Multi purpose, multi function creativity gauntlet

Woman wearing white rimmed sunglasses with hat made from cardboard tube covered in rows of shredded paper.


Person looking to their right with paper origami discs on their face as a pair of sunglasses.

Origami Specs - re-functioned work