Danielle Tanton

Bio: Artist living in London, and studying Art Psychotherapy

Website: http://www.danielletanton.co.uk

Instagram: @danitantonart

Stop thinking, just do.


Print of my skin. Passing time, yet holding onto it at the same time.


Ostrich bone, post-dog-gnawing to keep her happy. Pencil, to-keep-me-happy.

Give a Dog a Bone

If only I could leave my hometown.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Undone II [in response to visual by @deborahcfarr and words by myself]

Undone II

Visuals by @deborahfarrphoto
Words by me


The byproduct of an oil painting which studied the menstrual cycle, this kitchen towel used to dry the brushes seemed to capture the subject more than the painting itself. An old work made into a commercial abstract piece.


Digital photograph exploring local homes and lives

A room with a view or two (or five)



Response to a disagreement over proposed changes to a local wildlife pond.


A series of haikus about windows

A series of haikus about windows

[Self-portrait vulva print] - produced in response to a thought provoking conversation with peers partaking in this experiment, regarding whether there is such a thing as a guilty pleasure.

The print depicts both; the newfound love I have for my body, post-mass consumption of Easter eggs, rather than the guilt of trying to be slim and toned that as a female I have naturally been harboured with all my life; and the sexual revolution of women.

No guilt, all pleasure

A reliquary for my heart

A reliquary for my heart

Figs for thugs

Christ has risen

Feet for tickling, hands for painting. The only way to keep this energetic dog still.

Feet for tickling, hands for painting.

Today I peaked. I shaved my legs.

I shaved my legs.

Art isn’t just an aesthetic for me, but a release. A way to express myself through Art Psychotherapy, and connect with nature.

Nature & Art Psychotherapy