Caroline Mornement


An etched print of a flying bird in black ink with touch of blue

Remember to look, experiment & enjoy

A very indistinct watercolour of mountain with small white dots for houses at the top

Too vague.....

photo of a digital print of ship's rigging, printed on wrong side so  ink rolls off.

Happy accident

Screenshots of a selection of etchings, stored as jpegs on a laptopu

Ancient work to sort

Photos of a pile of folders; shelf with paintings  and one sheet book

Books are best

Quick charcoal sketch of man leaning against unseen object


Mixed  media drawing on long thin piece of wallpaper depicting brambles with words and images drawn around the stems

Yes brambles do

Decoy ducks

A photo of sails billowing on a tall ship with two  small painted ships in the distance

Tall ships meet again

watercolour of tall sailing ship with border made of etching strips of abstract rigging

The past (w/col ship 1934) meets the present (photo etched rigging)

Photos of black and red etching made on long sgip of lining paper, then cut up to create a landscape with etching added

Cut it up

Photos of a reed nest in a pond and a poor replica of a man made version

Making a home - not as easy as it looks

Three images of a hand painted artists' book with landscape views and extra pages attached to edge of page

Artists' Book

Collage of dark Cornish beach with a cave using black and red painted papers

Eventually it's my own decision

A photo of the back view of Staffordshire spaniels figurines in a window,  and a watercolour sketch of a simplified Danish island in yellow and grey

Message in a window

An  etching of dark blue sails on light blue background showing the rigging of sails on a tall ship

Running away to sea

Black and white collage of monoprints representing fishermen's huts at Hastings

Huts emerging

Collage of photos of dark wooden fishermen's huts on the beach at Hastings

Long overdue research for Fishermen's Huts Hastings

Black ink sketch of running moorhens roughly drawn with a feather and a burr, also shown

Our Lockdown friends

Abstract view of a beach looking down from a cliff showing blue sea and red/green cliffs in the distance

Joy of a Greek island beach

painted wooden cut outs of  Canada Geese stuck beside pond, to act as decoys to attract others

Canada Geese calling