Sophie Lascelles

Magic lantern slide of single tree projected onto folded paper


3 magic lantern slides with light projected through making a shadowy forest onto a folded sheet of paper

5 minute forest

images from two standing magic lantern slides propped together project onto a folded piece of paper. Shadowy pictures of two old houses

Easy Path

Image of 4 magic lantern slide shadow installation

Make another (collage)

Collage with a black and white woman on a bike against a green background with some cut out blue sky above and a piece of text reading ‘Aparato Circulatorio’ Unser the bike

Remake (on your bike)

Collage of woman on bicycle, circular and triangle shapes, green colours

Collaboration (with my daughter)

Four magic lantern slides leaning together with Illustrations of early 20th century caricatures layered to create a shadowy montage onto a folded piece of paper illuminated from a single light source.

The work of men is more successful

Black and white magic lantern slide of a cottage is projected with a light source into some folded white paper

Little home at home

Black and white ghostly image of house and trees in negative is projected onto a white free standing paper with a piece of rectangular glass in the foreground


From 3 free standing magic lantern slides the images of waterfalls in blue green mountains is projected by a single light source onto a propped curved sheet of a4 white paper.


Two magic lantern slides joined together to make a landscape, light source projecting mountains onto a piece of free standing paper Behind


Magic lantern slides standing together to make a mountainous continuous landscape. Illuminated from behind against a white paper background

Magic Mountains

Magic lantern slide standing on a piece of white paper, propped against the wall, throwing a colour image of a seascape with setting sun

Magic Sunset

Blurred image of black and white photographic landscape

Landscape Study

Small scale installation of magic lantern slide shadow with small figure of a man casting a shadow into the landscape onto free standing paper


Small scale installation black and white shadowy projection onto curved piece of free standing paper


In the dark a magic lantern slide of landscape with palm trees, damaged photograph is emulsion, brightly lit from behind with a single light bulb, looks like sun shining through trees. Magic lantern slide