Patrick Folkard

Pencil drawing of seated spinal twist yoga pose

Seated spinal twist

Self portrait - pencil drawing

Self portrait

Pencil drawing - study for Leda and the swan


Pencil Drawing of a human ear


Pencil drawing of my hat

My hat

Pencil drawing of Shakespeare

Answer to yesterday's puzzle

Black and white pencil and gouache drawing of two characters in a play. Guess the play

Guess the play

Pencil drawing of hair


Pencil drawing side view of Indian vulture's head

Indian Vulture

Pencil drawing of Medusa


Pencil drawing of 18th century clarinet

18th century clarinet

Pencil drawing of bird skull

Skull of a bird

Pencil drawing of an early Egyptian ivory

Pencil study of an early Egyptian ivory carving

Pencil drawing of Napoleon made with a single line without lifting the pencil

Napoleon without lifting the pencil!

Pencil drawing of ancient Egyptian in profile as study for a theatrical costume

Study of ancient Egyptian for theatrical costume

Drawing of the Head of Akenhaten's daughter

Study of the head of Akhenaten's daughter

Embroidered lips

Homage to Sally Hewett

Pencil drawing of spinal twist yoga pose

Spinal twist

Set design for Salome. Preliminary pencil sketch

Set design for Salome. Preliminary pencil sketch

Pencil drawing of Salome

Study for theatrical costume (Salome)