Sally Hewett


Instagram: @Sally_hewett

Embroidered nipple on linen

Yet another embroidered nipple

Embroidered nipple surrounded by pink angelskin petals

Nipple flower

6 padded fabric aubergines

6 Aubergines

Freehand embossed  paper relief of Andy Warhol's chest scars

Andy's Scars

Pencil drawing of two table tennis balls


Embroidered nipple on linen

Free the nipple

A Primark leotard with armpit stains decorated and encrusted with iridescent beads

Encrusted pits

Paper relief with pencil drawing of naked man from behind

The back side

Padded fabric breasts with embroidered nipples and beads of sweat

After the workout

Acrylic portrait of Patrick wearing Albrecht Durer's hat. (Hat made by me)

Patrick wearing Albrecht Durer's hat (eyes repainted)

Padded fabric breasts with embroidered nipples and beads of sweat

Start of the workout

Padded fabric breasts with embroidered nipples in a wooden quilting hoop

Before the workout

Embroidered and beaded breast with bead droplets


Free hand embossed paper seated nude stretching

Morning stretch

Freehand paper embossing of Ziggy Stardust's torso


Velvet covered padded lips in an embroidery hoop

Velvet sulk

Embroidered nipple pixelated


Padded fabric bottom in a quilting hoop with kiss tattoo

Kiss my ass

Embroidered and beaded nipple in an embroidery hoop

Glitter nipple 2

Embroidered and beaded pale pearly nipple