Bryony James

Instagram: @bryoneeee

Quick sketch of purple sprouting broccoli on a homemade seed envelope made from white paper with brown masking tape across the middle. The envelope is laid on my leg and two pens are next to it.

Purple sprouting broccoli on the tube

A zoomed in and slightly pixelated image of a small dwarf bean seedling which looks a bit like a figure with outstretched arms

Dwarf bean wants a hug

A handwritten list titled MAKING on lined paper which reads -
Scan things for prints, papier-mâché from plants & paper, salt dough, lichen dye, chemigrams, make beech pulp paper, local clay pottery

One of these things

Photograph of three jars of homemade kimchi on a table - the kimchi contains pieces of white cabbage, green spring onions and red chilli flakes in an orangey brine

Collaboration with lactobacilli

White fabric with a brown, purple and yellow pattern from dyeing with turmeric bramble and onion skins

Bundle dye

A photograph of a brown bowl with little circular handles full of diced white cabbage

Kimchi or how to make a home at home

A photograph of spheres of compost and clay containing wildflower seeds, the sunlight is streaming in from the window and casting shadows over them

Seed bombs

Close up photograph of cherry blossom floating in a jar of water with an iMessage bubble layered over the top which reads ‘I was going to give you advice but then realised that’s not the same as feedback!’

Asking for feedback

A photograph of a white plastic carrier bag printed with repeated text “thank you have a nice day” and smiley faces. The carrier bag is stuck in the widow for passers by to see the message.

Message to the scaffolders

Close up photograph of dandelion petals sprinkled over buttercream icing

Dandelion cake

Cherry blossom petals and flowers laid out on a white folded piece of paper ready to be pressed

Cherry blossom for wild yeast baking

Notes list -


Soy milk mordant > bramble > copper modifier

Soy milk mordant > bramble > iron modifier

Soy milk mordant > bramble > no modifier


A tiny mushroom growing out of the side of a toilet roll with seedlings inside


A sculpture made from the melting wax of a candle - the wax is pale blue and has layered bulbous forms

Candlelit dinner

Close up photograph of white strands of mycelium covering corrugated cardboard

Future fruiting