Rachel Seoighe

A sunset shot, taken from the steps, sharing chips. A pink-peach sunset with gray clouds low over the horizon, and a pier with a small lighthouse to the right, and a slick of water cutting diagonal in the front of the shot across the beach.

Sunset and chips

A collage of a house with two huge square windows, with warm light within, set against an upside down forest

Sarah's house

A brown piece of paper on a kitchen counter, splashed with port, an effort to make a pattern

Experiment with port

A photograph of the sky nearing sunset - lots of low clouds with light filtering through in interesting ways, above houses and a ferris wheel and a tall tower block

Just a sky shot

A collage of nice images, all black and white, of various windows, gates and with a woman taking a photo in the middle bottom row.

Create a window collage

4 black and white images cut out and laid together on the carpet. One is a man in a white hat and white trousers looking at a window with a women depicted on it. Another is a teenager in a leather jacket in front of a grafitti'd wall. Another is the boot of a car in front of a stone wall and the last is a male torso, with a rose taped to his front.

Windows and doors

Collage on a box (to be used to store phone after 8pm) - rows of faces from a Margate newspaper with three portraits of women from a recent exhibition at the Turner gallery, and text that says 'dream zone.'

Phone prison

Collage of a man on a motorbike, airborne in front of a tropical wooded area.

Liboni lands

A collage of a cliff-face meeting the sea, cut with an old map. Some edges are torn, some uneven.

Seascape (learning to use my art knife)

A layered collection of images - one of a cliff-face, one of pinkish-red flowers, one of an old map, and others underneath that aren't clear but look like scenery. A collage is about to happen.

Undone collage

A crumpled length of grey-brown paper on a speckled grey carpet, suggesting that something has just been delivered and opened