Clare Moran

A photograph of a white cherry tree in full bloom in someone’s front garden.

Cheating Cherry

A photograph of two women.  One older one younger.  The photograph was taken in the 1980 as the decor and the office environment demonstrates.  The image is to be viewed at 90 degrees clockwise.


An abstract of a woman’s face showing only an eye, some hair and part of a cheek.  T he subject may or may not be smiling but you are fully in her presence but she is not looking directly at you.

St Clare

An extract of a face.


A photograph of an ice cream cone held in a hand with pink painted fingers nails with a bright sunny background.

Path of Least Resistance

This work is a small abstract watercolour painting using phthalo blue and transparent yellow. The approach to the work is wet on wet and the phthalo and yellow bleed and bloom together serendipitously making irregularly perfect and perfectly irregular passages in the painting which could not have been controlled or predicted but are entirely engrossing and engaging.

Phthalo Yellow Bleed

A photograph of a painting being prepared to be mounted.

Appropriated Little Pieces of Perfection

A photograph in a rural setting.  It’s of a woman (the artist) standing next to a ford over a small river but she is standing next to a sign that measure the hight the water reaches when the river floods.  The artist is showing her height at just under 6 foot but is only that height because she is on her toes.

On My Toes

An abstract acrylic painting with red lettering on it saying “reduced” and “quick sale”.

Quick Sale

An acrylic painting in an abstract style in layered colours of green, yellow, gold and grey.

Untitled tryptich

A photograph of a painting hung in a domestic environment.


A photograph self portrait of the artist taken in a hairdressers mirror, face mask intact.


Colour photograph of a small area of a coffee table containing plants and a gold foil covered chocolate rabbit.

Domestic Hope

An unmade bed. The perspective would lead you to believe that the occupant is still in it.  White quilt cove, green throw abs walls.

Heaven and Hell.

A concrete bollard with a stick man style face painted on it, set by the side of a road.

Stone Man

Landscape of trees with hills in the distance


An unmade bed in a darkened room with day light out side.  Also in the bed is a small backpack and a compression glove ready to go out with.

Unmade and Ready

The shadows of two people being cast over a field by golden evening sunshine

Walk the Talk

A small river beach in the foreground with a small rocky  river in the middle ground.  In the back ground is a dark cliff with silhouetted trees in front of a white grey sky.

The Circle Squared