Becky Lyon

digital image

If in doubt, twist it

Salt dough shape with flowers

Bare Minimal Vase

distorted digital image

sinking into the screen

Found branch with pastel coloured threads. Clay footprint

Placement is Everything

Salt dough objects placed in a mandala like fashion on paper with drawing

Chaneling my inner Svank / Tactile Poetry

hand drawn symbols on hand


Ink stained paper and twig

Unfurled candy feeling

Pink, blue, purple stained large format paper shape on large sheet of paper.

Infinite landscape. Sugarcology.

Jar of rosemary and ginger with words written on paper, filled with water. Jar is sat on a piece of paper with circles, microbe shapes and mystical symbols.

Collaborating with Microbes to Ferment a Spell

Painted plaster balls with symbols written on


MycoMicro World

Scattering of wild flowers, fallen petals, mosses, twigs.

Meet the Forest Floor

Blueberry Juice, Pink Ink on paper

Ask a Raddish

Dichroic, printed film and mylar shapes collaged on a window.

My Prisms Have Soft Edges

Oak twig and dichroic film

Love me some dichroic

Painte, embroidery and drawing on fabric with a small plaster amulet. Greens and Pinks.

Spell Quilt Development

Assorted print. Plaster disc. Printed acetate. Flower.

Research Day

An assortment of mark making tools comprised of various woodland leaves, twigs, seed pods. Green ink marks.

Woodland Toolkit

Charcoal, pencil and pastel drawing overlaid with objects including; a round piece of birch paper, a clay object impressed with seeds, a stick and  fragment of lichen.

Joyful Assemblage

Large off-white paper with soil and charcoal marks in the shapes of body parts.

Body Mapping