Phoebe Banks

Bio: she/her Aberdeen, Scotland


Instagram: @phoebebanks

Good Noise (24 Dice)

A photo of section of the base of a wooden structure on a dusty grey floor. Eight colourful blobs (baby pink, bold pink, pale blue, yellow and mint green) are spaced on and around the wood, with black and white dotted lines outlining each of them.

Blobs on Structure

An image of a silver casio watch sitting on a wooden board, with a wire attaching one arm to main body of the watch. Some glue is visible at the join. There are two cut out images added over this picture - one of the watch on my wrist and hand in a thumbs up position and one of the watch from a different angel which highlights to make shift fix.

Second Attempt to Fix My Watch (Success)

The page is filled with a picture of an open sketchbook full of scribbled notes. Place over this image are two scans of the sketchbook pages, placed in the bottom left corner and top right corner, covering a lot of the original image. The left image shows planning sketches of a shelf with back and sides, with two movable book dividers within the sides. There are lots of scribbled measurements and notes, all very messy. The right image shows drawings of the individual parts (different sizes of MDF and dowels) under the heading "BITS TO GET/MAKE/FIND". Some are ticked off in pink marker.

Big Plans For an Exciting Shelf

A photo of a pile of brown and white envelopes fills the page and is overlapped by two images on the left and right of the same envelopes from different angles. The one on the left is my hand holding the envelopes splayed out. These two images are doubled up, with the second layer of the image faded out in almost a shadow of the original.

Remember To Stop Buying Envelopes

A digital drawing on a black background of a short set of stairs with a small platform on the top one. This is drawn with sketchy brown and white lines. Arching blue arrows go from step to step and then two point off the end of the platform.

Jumping Off Point

On a white background three cut out layers in different colours overlap each other. The blue layer is a thick circle in the centre of the page. The pink layer shows in the centre an arm extending out a fork to a woman's face, and in the bottom right corner a girl doing a star jump, her clothes and hair billowing with her movement. The black layer shows the text from a train ticket booking confirmation, and is warped as if it's swelling off the flat page.

Birmingham, February 2020 (Collaborative Riso)

On a plain white page there are cut out style images in black and white. In the centre, an arm that is roughly cut off at the shoulder is extending a fork to a girl. The arm is in a dark coloured sleeve, wearing a silver watch and has dark painted finger nails. We can only see a slight side profile of the girl being fed, who has short-ish bright blonde hair. In the bottom right corner is an action shot of a girl doing a star jump, her long dress, scarf and hair billowing from her movement.

Birmingham, February 2020 (Riso Separate)

On a plain white background two squares sit side by side with added exaggerated shadows. They are made of wood with empty centres so are only outlines of squares. The one on the right, which is smaller, is unedited. The one on the left, which is larger, has been warped out of proportion looking vaguely reminiscent of the Guinness logo.

Thinking About Guinness

A cuboid made of short lengths of wood is on a plain white background. Surrounding it are colourful sketches of it that are all slightly different sizes and perspectives. They're set out almost like they're floating around the wooden cuboid.

Maquettes and Mis-shapes They're Memories Made

A terracotta plant pot is centre frame, held up by my hand. In the background you can see a garden and garden shed with sunny blue sky above. The pot is painted in an abstract pattern using orange, pale blue, red, dark green and white circles, lines and abstract shapes.

Painted Plant Pot

A section of a wooden framework for a set of three steps is shown, with a colourful drawing of the steps sitting on top of the lowest step. Two digital copies of the drawing have been added as smaller versions to the left and right of the actual drawing.

Look At My Steps

An image of silver casio watch sitting in a dish in the oven is in the top right corner, with a birds eye view of the watch in the dish overlapping it in the bottom left corner. A cut out image of just the watch is collaged across the picture, clearly showing that a lump of black clay holding one arm of the watch in place.

Attempt to Fix My Watch (Failed)

An open sketchbook is central to the picture - it sits on a bare wooden framework which is hardly visible in the background. On the left page there is a pencil sketch of a low platform made up of a simple framework and 16 short legs, with the words "PLATFORM" and "STAGE PLAN" written next to it. The right page is blank - on top of it sits a small painting with grey, green, brown, beige blocky shapes and blue circles.

Pages With Platform and Painting

Ode to my Adjustable Selfie Stand

Device for Getting Attention

Three wooden blocks are joined together to form an adjustable stand to hold a phone for taking photos or videos. One image (in the top left side of the page) of the stand on a shelf is overlapped (in the bottom right corner) by an image of the stand with a bright pink glowing background.

Adjustable Selfie Stand

Four cuboids built of wooden beams are warped out of perspective, splayed from the bottom left corner of the page to the top right. The background is a neutral checkerboard of two tone grey, taken from photoshop's method for displaying no background.

Dreams of a Useful Structure

A cuboid (roughly a metre long, 30m wide and 60cm tall) built of wooden beams sits on it's side on a dusty grey floor.

Useful Structure