Laura Copsey

Bio: My work is inspired by places (that I currently can’t go) time, the unconscious, traces, light - what landscapes can teach us about ourselves...


Instagram: @laurachops

A square frame featuring 2 images, the smaller on the left is a cheese plant leaf, through the fronds shines red light reflected off a car. The larger image on the right shows the red shadow on the living room wall in a lilac frame


A Polaroid of the water fridge in a Tottenham off licence. The image shows a close up of different bottles of mineral water

Holy hell

A screen grab of iPhone notes. A cairn that functions as a camera obscura


A photo of still water


A photo of Laura dressed in waders that she was able to manifest within 2hrs of the word wader being uttered. Magic

I manifested waders

A selfie of a glory braid weave of wheat used as a fascinator

Straw hair

An abstract image of mustard yellows, browns and blue hints that looks a planet, atmosphere and space. (Kind of)


A lumen print made with water that looks like splash marks. Colours are pastel pinks, purple and cream


A old postcard of Hay Tor in Dartmoor with some figures on the top, a collages street sign presented as a 35mm film strip

Hay Tor

A scraped black mark on the window of a underground train taken whilst the train was stationary at Pimlico station.


Close up image of a pewter hip flask engraved with the word “yes”. In the back ground is shingle and the sea as evidence of the first day trip in a very long time.

Whiskey day trips

A gold lamp with a DIY lampshade made from material printed with a time lapse of the winter solstice (shot in 2017) perched precariously on my studio table. There are a few images on the wall.

The longest darkness lamp

5 photographs of a holy well located in Monmouthshire. The top image features the well with a pushchair (Jenny’s partner and child), an image of the well itself, the sign which reads “a virtuous well” and finally an image of Jenny collecting holy water

the virtuous well / research collaboration with pen pal Jenny Cashmore

A image of our studio door with a long thin section masked out, from the top of the door, around the switches between the door and the radiator. The space is in preparation for blackboard paint. There is a poster on the back of the door with a motivational art quote.

Long list (almost), if I hadn’t left the blackboard paint at home


Joy = reorganising old fragments into new stories

Inspired by radishes - all time favourite veg. I like making edible work.