Paige Ockendon

Bio: Art cheerleader living by the seaside in Essex, UK

Instagram: @paigeockendon

A portrait photograph shows a cropped, colour image of a hand, seemingly holding a baby to a person's hip. Both figures are wearing white puffa - the babies white puffa covered trousers are visible, with their ankles/feet in pink fabric. Two white puffa booties hanging from poppers from the outer suit, ready to be worn if needed. A white hand can be seen on the top left of the image, holding the baby up, with a gold ring on their 'wedding finger'. A white puffa sleeve comes down to their cuff. Green foliage can be soon on the top right of the image, with bright blue sky above.

Quilted Love (On Either Side of Us)

A coloured portrait image taken outdoors shows a grey path, winds off to the left, with two wooden benches on the right and greenery in the distance. A black, shiny looking star shape with white highlights lays on the right hand side of the path. Two similar shapes look to be on the floor in the distance.

Digging for Peace & Fossils

A portrait image of a light, large room with white walls and one peachy coloured feature wall on the back wall. It's a bit scruffy and patchy, as if it was stripped bare to old paper. On the right, a doorway is at the back of the frame. A person stands facing away from the camera, tied-up brown hair, black tights and colourful shoes. They wear a large grey peacoat, worn back to front with a single central button and large lapels. The hands are in the pockets so it looks like the body is facing to the camera. A single neon pink, digitally drawn lane is traced around the figures outline.


A portrait image shows two colour monitor frames on a black background. Top, slightly to left is an image of Mary and Marina from Gogglebox, both in pink tops. Marina has a face mask on, Mary is holding her hand looking at her. Below this image, smaller, is the blonde Jansen twins from animated show Big Mouth, both looking at a purple phone.

TV Portraits Of Comfort #3 (GoggleBog)

A portrait image shows 3 screens/monitors, each in colour on a black background. Top, to the right, is a split screen - on the left of it is a big purple and pink soft toy/mask with a a grin and a double set of bulging eyes. Paired with it on the same screen is a close up of smiling Arnold Schwarzenegger, a recent photo of him.
At the bottom, two images of Blade - Wesley Snipes in character. Against a green background, he makes confused / unimpressed faces, with dark sunglasses on.

TV Portraits Of Comfort #2 (Blade on Blob)

A black portrait image shows two snapshots of people on monitors. Slightly smaller on the centre left is Ron Weasley with a disappointed look. On the right is Fiona from Four Weddings and A Funeral, smoking a cigarette and looking glamorous.

TV Portraits Of Comfort #1 (Four Weddings and a Weasley)

A blob of black and white pattern, almost toast shaped, with organic floral type print sits on a white portrait canvas, with neon pink arrows circling it, pointing in an anti-clockwise direction. There is an inner and outer circle of arrows - the outer is bolder in its line.

Tailor's Chalk / Vintage Florals On Toast

Square, 2D image of a terracotta coloured background. On the right hand side, coloured shapes cascade from top corner. Graphic, brightly coloured shapes - some rounded, being looked down upon. They take the form of pots or cups, stacked on a surface which juts down towards the viewer. Flecked lines are dashed through some of the shapes. Goldy yellow straw shapes are passing across the last pot.

Apprentice's Arrangement (Picked by Clicks)

A landscape image of an off-white, textured background. A strange shape lays in the middle - a set of 5 splayed keys wrapped in masking tape, with a wobbly black biro outline drawn onto the shapes. A round looking keyring with splodges drawn on it. The background is masking tape strips too.

A really excellent and good drawing of keys

A baby pink square canvas shows a digital collage, featuring images of metallic looking, gold-yellow shiny fabric. At the bottom right there is a square image showing a pleated section of the fabric, looking shiny and smooth with what looks like a finger curling around from behind it. The top right shows a rectangle image of the fabric gathered, bunched up with lots of folds. The top left shows a warped image of the bunched fabric, stretched at the corners and curved at the edges so it overlaps itself. Faintly in the bottom left is a crude line drawing of leaves which go outside of the frame.

Handover Notes

A paper collage on a landscape canvas, showing two muscular white figures in sportswear. On the left, a person's back with a number 1 on their black shirt, cut off at the waist. On the right, a figure in a black shirt with white shorts, cut off at the neck. They face away, running/motioning towards a large golden egg shaped object layered behind them. A hand reaches between the two figures. The background is a murky grey.


Black, digital text, with a handwritten feel to it, sits on a white background. There are 3 paragraphs.

The first paragraph reads :

I've gotten to know Kings' floorplan pretty well in the past 12.5 months. I love the home odds and ends best. On the very bottom shelf sit tiny, old boxes of drawing pins and bottles of Tip-Ex. They make me think of my Nan's house. Above head height, near the archway, are little packets of water balloons and loom bands. Essentials in their own right, to somebody.

Kings To Me

Four cut-out paintings, each with a white border, are shown against a very pale green background, connected by a piece of red thread. From top to bottom, a watercolour painting of a purple, plum-like fruit with a green leaf, then a very small red diamond with number 7 written in it, then a watercolour painting of a lemon, then the largest of all, an orangey coloured, pear shaped fruit which is cut off at the bottom.

Carpet Mobile

Digitally written turquoise font reads 'follow your nose' in lowercase, blocky, wobbly letters. Each word is stacked above the other. The letters have a yellow border. Behind the text, a metallic silver pleated skirt can be seen. Someone seems to be wearing it, as it is turning as if being twirled. The light shines from it, showing wrinkles and scratches on the heavy fabric.

Smells Good