Sandy Zuul

A grid of six bad photographs of cats. Taken with a fisheye lens that gives the images a round edge, the film stock gives the images a purple tint. Most are underlit or out of focus.

Kitty Fail

Black text on a white page, huge font placing each word on a separate line. The text is: Everyone said playful No one said creepy.

The Crit

A photograph of a shop window-display, featuring a toddler mannequin with a smooth featureless egg-shaped head. The photo is taken with a fisheye lens, adding a strange effect as the image curves towards the edges, and the experimental film stock used distorts the colours, giving everything a purple hue.

Egg mannequin baby

On the left-hand side of the image is text handwritten on lined paper, a quote from Georges Perec. On the right is an abstract design in vibrant pink, orange and green.

Perec's Endotic

A defaced postcard. Beneath a patchwork of circles, stripes, black and clear, is a photograph of a boy's face, taken directly from the television. Beneath the photo are the words "Peter refers to his younger brother David as "smelly".


A photograph of a detail from a small bouquet of dry flowers in a green glass vase in front of a window.

Dry Flowers 10April21

A photograph of twisted tree branches. On the lower right of the frame is digital text, in purple on a square black background, saying: Two bespectacled women in mustard coats, their hair swept up in messy buns.


Hand-written and drawn gig poster for Cookie Gabriela & The Chorizos, playing tonight at the Star & Garter, doors at 8, four quid in, or three quid for students.

Tonight! Cookie Gabriela & The Chorizos

A photograph of a man sat on a Glasgow subway train. His face is covered by an orange digital oval making him anonymous. In the lower half of the frame, in orange text, a narrator relates two experiences on public transport.



Irregularly-cut-out sentences of black text on white, on a black background. The text consists of quotes from a New York Times article on corruption in French literary prizes.

lit prizes france

A photograph of a steel and rubber shower squeegee, attached to a tiled bathroom wall. Overlaid in red lettering is the following text: Six inches tall covered in grey polyester mix the elephant-shaped door-stop has eyelashes coding it as female. Her insides are weighted with a densely-packed unknown substance. The gift is not for children but dwells in the realm of the cute. Her scratchy skin says she has been cheaply made on a mass scale. For love it begs.


A collage featuring a photo of a large plate of different kinds of eggs, and two medium egg shapes; one holding a photograph of the author Margaret Atwood, and the other the handwritten text "Happy Easter". The eggs and plate are floating on an ethereal backdrop of soft pink curved columns and blue sky. In the top left of the frame is a row of six eggs painted in pale lilac nail polish, outlined by black sharpie.

Happy Easter

A photograph of a vase on a table containing dead tulips. A low sunshine casts strong shadows of the strange alien-looking tendrils that the stalks and flowers have become.

Dead tulips colours

Poem handwritten in black ink on pale pink paper.