Skye Roper

A photo of a washing up glove balanced on a wine bottle with a human hand touching it from above.


A photo of a poster which says ‘ideas for a new art world - dear capitalism, please give back all stolen objects and lives’

Salient advice

I made this video

A photo of a piece of paper with the words ‘i am realising how much I love someone and it feels scary but it also feels very nice (and I want to tell them but I can’t so I am telling you instead)’ written in multicoloured pen.

In the clouds there is no admin

this is a close call!!!!

A quick pen sketch of a lovely human sitting on a chair looking at their phone.

While the kettle boiled

A collage of lots of blue images together.

Ode to Maggie

Wouldn't it be funny if this was the one that got you out

A photo of a watercolour of an octopus basking under a tree on a hill.

Resting one’s head in the shade

A photo of a drawing of someone lying under a tree.

Tree collaboration

Brain says no

A picture of a picnic on a blanket

Home from home

A photo of a small group of discarded petals on a grey concrete table top.

more tactile

A screenshot of a short piece of text describing the experience of missing being spooned during marriage and the brave new world outside from a bum's perspective.

A Story of Divorce as Told from the Perspective of My Bum

A photo of a black cat sitting on the floor.

She’s been staring out of it all day

A photo of a puzzle of an autumn forest scene on a wooden table, almost completed.

I just fucking love puzzles

A photo of a potato which looks like it has a face that is frowning.

Potato says no


A photo of a page from a notebook which details a plan for an encouraging banner as my tool.

Say Something Encouraging


A photograph of a newspaper article which describes The Mayor's 30-day challenge to walk, run or cycle 30Km in 30 days.