Federico Piccolo

Website: https://www.federicopiccolo.com

Instagram: @federicoapiccolo

Side view of a gloss finished canvas featuring patches of blue painted paper on its surface

Untitled (40x50 cm)

Light yellow text on a black background saying: "Throwing plates at You"

Throwing plates

Photograph of a window open at night


Photograph of the top of a spoon dipped in coffee

Spoon dipped in coffee

Tiles and mould


Photograph of a bright sky with two branches


Scanned image detail of a white shirt and a tie worn by a man

Can you make a tool to help you to make your work?

Young man sat topless holding his head with one hand while taking a mirror selfie with the other hand

Some people are always waiting

Photograph of an external view of a building and a palm tree through a window at night time, onto which several reflections of the surrounding environment are displayed.

At the Library (2018)