Cathy Spiers

Bio: Although I started from a visual arts expression of creativity, my journey has been a wiggly one. I have explored creativity in an interdisciplinary way in social care jobs, mainly with differently abled people. Now is the time to develop an independent socially engaged practice, through a creative, multisensory and interactive approach to storytelling. It will be inclusive for people with very profound learning disabilities, but be accessible to a mainstream participatory audience. In this project however, I will explore my creativity for myself, to feed my soul, ready for the

Landscape Outline Drawing Of Two Hands. Left And Right, Thumbs Touching And Fingers Splayed. Behind Them The Night Sky With Lots Of Stars. 
Below The Hands, Filling The Space Is The Word 'Unbound', With Lots Of Intricate Patterns Of Spirals And Dots.

Reaching for the Stars

A Low-Angle Shot In Landscape Orientation. In the Bottom Foreground Of The Image there Are Clothes on the Floor Waiting To Be Put Into A Front-Loading Washing Machine. In The Background There Is The Entrance Of The Washing Machine, It's Door Hinged On The Left Is Wide Open.

I forgot and the laundry never made it in...

Rain Drops On A Window Pane. There is Blue Sky And Clouds Seen Through The Glass Behind The Rain Drops

I was tired so chose a photo taken in March 2019. Don't raindrops take the path of least resistance?

A Description Of A Made Item Written As Word Art Stating, 'Black Cardboard Window Frame Torn Up Multicoloured Tissue Paper Layered Layered Layered An Image Of Two Hands Touching Hands'. One Of The Words, 'Touched' Is Also In Braille.

Black Carboard Window Frame

A Black And White Pencil-Effect Landscape Image Of Distorted Pairs Of Hands. There Are Images Of Thumbs Touching Fingers, Getting Increasingly Smaller And Smaller Around A Central Axis Into Infinity.

Collaboration 123 Polar inverssion 2 Pencil effect cropped

Three Portrait Images Side by Side With No Gaps. Each Image Consists Of Two Hands From Different People, Their Fingers Touching And Interplaying Differently. In Each Image The Touching Hands Go From Top Left At The Wrist to Bottom Right At The Wrist, Diagonally Across Each Image. The Background In Each Is Of An Orange-Red Blanket

Collaboration 123

A Screenshot Showing Items To Buy, All With Surface Patterns That I Designed. The Patterns Are All Based On A Rose Window Idea, Like The Stained-Glass Medieval Windows That Are Found In Cathedrals. The  Image I Used Is reduced Or Enlarged On each Product For Sale To Fit The Shape Of Each Product. There Are Seven Products For Sale; Two Silver Necklace And Pendents, Each With Its Own Heart-Shaped Tin, Two Differently-Sized Leather Shopper Bags, A Mask And A Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle.
The Products are Arranged in Two Rows. To The Far LeFt Is Some Text About My Account.

My Products

The Photograph Is In Portrait Orientation With An Orange-Red Background Of A Loosely Woven Blanket. Resting On Top Is A Close-Up Of Two Hands, Each From A Different Person. One Hand Is Underneath, Palm Up, The Other Smaller Hand Palm-Side Down Is Resting On Top, With Its Thumb Going Underneath The Bottom Hand. The Thumb Of The Bottom Hand Is On top Of The Top Hand, The Photograph Crops the Hands At The Wrists At Top Left And Right Corners With The Fingers Of Both Hands Pointing Towards The Bottom Of The Image.

My house isn't a home unless it's with the one I love

Text In Big Long Bubble Stating, "I Think Your 'Unboundness' Is Getting More 'Shoehorned'..." 
To The Right Of This Bubble There Is A Blue Smiley Face Emoji Icon And An Arrow Icon, That When Clicked On Will Send The Text Message.
Above The Big Bubble There Are Four Smaller Bubbles In Which There are Snippets Of Text Or Other Emojis; Suggestions To Add To The Text In The Main Big Bubble.

"I think your 'Unboundness' is getting more 'Shoehorned'..."

A Silhouette Of A Person In What Looks Like A Spacesuit With A Safety Rope, Against A Blue Stripey Light Source. There Is A Curved Edge To This Area Of Blue Stripey Light With The Silhouetted Person, Beyond Which Is Blackness.

A Window into Other Worlds Unbound

A Riot of Patterns And Colour Doodles Fill A Page of Paper. There Are Greens, Blues, Pinks, Yellows And Other Colours Where Patterns And Flat Blocks Of Colour Overlap. The Patterns Include Dots, Spirals, Wiggles, Pointy Peaks Curves And Stars.

Procrastination leads to doodling Unbound!

Close-Up Of Daffodil Heads In A Row, Backlit By The Sun. The Background Is Green Grass, With Out-Of-Focus Yellow Daffodils Looking Like Blobs.

Life Together Unbound -Daffodils on a walk remind us of our wedding anniversary today.

Left Hand cropped At The Palm On A Dark Background. The Hand Is Cupping A Pebble Quite Tightly. The Pebble Is Grey In Colour, With White Lines Tracing The Surface Of Varying Thicknesses. They Curve Like Intricate Celtic Knotwork In Places and In Other Parts The Lines Describe Wide Arcs Across The Pebble.

Unbound Exploration...Inscribed like celtic knotwork, hard, smooth, small, weighty, snuggly to hold.

A Photograph, Looking Directly Up at White Cherry Spring Blossom on the Branches.
One Cluster Of Flowers Is Focussed In Close-Up With Silhouettes of Petals And Stamens On Some Of The Petals, Back-Lit From Behind by Sharp Sunlight.
Lots Of other Clusters of Flowers In The Background Out of Focus, With Branches Criss-Crossing Across The Photograph. Blue Sky Fills Spaces Between the Branches And Flowers.

Spring Unbound Unfurled!

Hands With Palms Up Visible From Wrists, Fingers Touching On A Darkened BackGround Orientated With Wrists At Top Of Picture.
Resting On Top Of Both Hands Is An Old Faded Pink Broken Washing Line Gathered Up And Tied In A Knot.

Hands Unbound...Joy!

The Image Is Taken From A Photo And Is In Landscape Orientation.
Two Hands From Different People Can Be Seen Forming A Cupped Mirrored Embrace From The Wrists Upwards.
Both Index Fingers Are Touching At Their Tips, Creating A Point Which Directs the Eye To The Right. 
One Hand is Smaller Than the Other With It's Fingers Supported From Underneath By The Other Hand.
Two Gold Rings Can be Seen Glinting on The Ring Finger Of The Smaller Hand. 
The Hands Stand Out On A Black Background.

Hands of support unbind the shackles of my mind...