Cleo Broda


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a screenshot of a text describing what I see as I walk down my street. I describe the people I see and the details I know about them. Times I have encountered them over the years.

what I see on our street

A photo of a hand holding a bright yellow crescent moon shaped cushion. It is being held over a drawing by a child of several geometric patterns which are designs for cushions, one of which is a yellow crescent moon shape.

cushions designed by kids - the moon shaped one

a photo of a ginger kitten sitting on someone's lap. It has its eyes closed and looks quite content.

art-related admin - induction for new studio assistant

A slide show of a set of drawings. Each shows the same structure of a set of poles arranged in a circle around a central, slightly taller pole, but with different additions to it - one is a set of ropes connecting the pole, there are various tent like roofs and a couple which look like inflatables inflated inside the structure. There are 17 drawings / slides.

ideas for part time uses of shared outdoor structures (washing lines)

We had a play tent that came down from the ceiling on a pulley

A watercolour drawing of a structure that looks like a band-stand but has a yellow roof that looks a bit like a flat yellow squash.

shared outdoor space with a roof that looks like a squash

screenshot of text:  drawing of a structure made of wood dowels held together with corner pieces. It is placed outdoors in the sunshine. Attached to the structure are panels made from translucent fabric patch-worked together from different coloured pieces in an irregular grid. On the ground  are small round cushions with colourful tops. The sun is shining through the panels and the space looks inviting to sit in.

The drawing is clear and straightforward - not too twee, not cute, not too expressive, just showing what there is. It’s the drawing that I can’t seem to make.

that drawing I can't seem to make

Collage put together on a lighbox showing a structure made of upright poles arranged in a circular formation with a one central slightly taller pole. These are in dark blue. Arranged over these is orange translucent fabric to approximate the shape and panels of a tent.

Drapes for washing lines (circular formation)

photo of a page of hand drawn sketched ideas of various street furniture and what could be done to add to it - seats that hang off railings, lamp posts with basketball hoops attached, bike stands with table attachments.

a conversation about street furniture with SC

Three frame animation of a person sitting behind a large wing-like shape on a pew in a space that could be a church. The person is blurred as the wing is translucent. The lighting is so that the shape of the person is just visible. The animation makes the wing shape gently rock back and forth while the rest of the image stays still.

Quiet contemplation with screening - created for privacy, could be useful for social distancing..

Photo showing two views of the same crude 'architectural' model  made of white cardboard, fabric and string. The model is a rectangle open at one end. It shows washing lines that have colourful pieces of fabric draped from them - some have shapes cut-out, some are cut into strips to form shadows in the light. The model is definitely  not to scale.

Play drapes for washing lines - a proposal for disused washing drying area

A photo of a bay window with a colourful geometric patchwork fabric piece covering the  lower middle window pane. It's sewn from small pieces of white, yellow and orange translucent ripstop fabric using an 'improv quilting' method. The fabric pieces aren't exactly square but do roughly keep in line. The daylight is making the fabric glow.

Using all the scraps - a blind for that bright bit in the afternoon when I can't see the screen

Photo of small objects and vases of tulips and daffodils gathered round a framed photo of a smiling woman. There is a small buddha, a tortoise, a jade carving of a seal, a tiny pineapple and a shell with a small gold wrapped chocolate egg.

Marking the day

Geometric patchwork made of translucent ripstop fabric in white, yellow and orange on a lightbox with a hand silhouetted in the lower part of the frame.

window dressing in progress

Photo of five cushions arranged on some grey floorboards. The cushion covers are handmade in bright geometric patchwork - yellow with a green stripe, half moon shape made of three different blues, triangle cushion from blue and green sections, half orange / half blue sausage cushion, square cushion from with green square in the middle surrounded by blue then red.

not so guilty pleasure - making all the cushions my kids draw

A hand-drawn diagram showing nine circles. Each circle contains ten smaller circles - one sitting on the larger circle outline, one in the middle and eight placed evenly around the circle. There are lines and arrows connecting the smaller circles, sometimes with question marks as if the small circles are interacting with each other. They could be diagrams of a game / an interaction / a dance.

still working out how to map it (still not there yet)

A diagram in pencil and pen consisting of nine circles each with eight smaller circles round the edges and a yellow one in the middle. There are arrows connecting the smaller circles in slightly different ways in each of the nine circles, sometimes these have question marks along the arrows.

research - working out how to map it (not there yet)

Page of a notebook showing sketches in black pen of a design for a 'tree hugging picnic table'. The designs are a bit like a circle skirt that goes round the tree. The 'skirt' is kept rigid by a combination of elastic, metal boning and cords which attach further up the tree trunk. The text on the page says 'tree table for standing picnics like we had today'.

Portable tree hugging table for stand-up picnics

photo of a geometric red / green / blue patchwork cushion propped up against sewing machine. There is a kids' drawing in front of it showing a series of designs for cushions. the propped cushion is one of them.

kid-designed cushion no.3

Line drawing of a child's wooden 'busy board' with parts to spin and push. Drawing is labelled with captions explaining how to use the board pieces to generate answers to parenting dilemmas.

Busy board / parental responsibility decision-maker