Jonathan Munro


Instagram: @mrjonathanmunro

Handwritten note: Armchair, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand

The not-so-empty chair

Floral patterned background. Five blue digital clasped hands in round circle.

Sunday prey

Digital image of hands clasped together. Blue background and foreground. Digital rotation circles visible in image. Hands spiky.


Deformed finger sculpture poking out of wooden frame.


Photo of foot sculpture emerging from the ground. Worm in top corner.

Ground Dwelling

Gold sculpture on red and pink background


Feeling Alive

Painted digital photo of finger of abstract background.

Other people, different ideas

Pink to red gradient


Painted photo of dismembered foot in artists mouth.

Foot in Mouth

Two sculptures on bench.


Photo of artist studio build in garden Blue sky, yellow wood and paving slabs.

Space = Tool

Mouths within mouths


Digital image painted collage. Two hands fused into one. Blue sky, brown earth background.

Manipulation in Sync