Rosalind Wilson


Instagram: @rosalindfreyaclaire

A screenshot of my open folder which i have been sorting and organising photos in a way that makes sense to me

to notice

a work in progress photographed on my studio floor - wax poured onto acrylic to set found objects with clay wall frame.


cage bark


i started cutting sam's hair into a mullet but the clippers ran out - so this is what was left after i tried with scissors.


a sketch from a drawing workshop I delivered today

dead daffs

A sketch of a new metaphor I have found for myself. I realise I set myself up for a lot and sometimes need to 
create gaps.


a sketch for a pair of coot feet wellies i have been wanting to make for a while now

Coot feet

let your whole body talk

head to toe

I'll av ee

a solid attempt


a sentence revealed after a day steaming wallpaper from the kitchen walls reading "then all of a sudden everything was just like jazz" which seems to be a variation of a Jack Kerouac quote


work for my window


A digital collage of some wallpaper glue smeared gardening gloves cropped and overlaid on a still life photograph of dying daffodils and a scrunched ball of lindt bunny wrapper.


A photo of me standing on my note books.



Paper conveyor

a sculpture comprised of 6 clip frame clips

6 clip frame clips