Jula Baltschun

Bio: Visual artist & curator based in Leipzig, Germany

Website: https://www.julabaltschun.com

Instagram: @julabaltschun

Some potatoes with electrical resistors

messy presentation

A orange ffp2 mask with red letters writing "hungerforward"

feedback & hungerforward

A landscape through a mist up window

window foil

A branch with cones ant two plastic hands touching each other

secret title

An old Potatoe with tribes coming out of the body, edited with electrical resistors

e potatoe

A picture of a river. You see a form that looks like a duck but in fact it is just some pieces of plastic that have arranged themselves to give the illusion of a duck.

Researching how the mind works: The Illusion of a duck

A potato decorated with colorful electrical wire

e potatoe

On the picture you see a pumkin with a pattern made by electrical resistances in blue and beige

e pumpkin