Simon Fell

Bio: I make oblique, figurative, associative, ceramic sculpture. Artist Insight sessions. Peer mentoring with ArtistsAnswer


Instagram: @sfellartworks

A picaresque drawing in pencil on paper of various winding paths between point A and point B.

Meanwhile drawing

An image of an electrical circuit, drawn in felt tip pen on white paper, showing 3 resistors in series in different colours with an arrow between points A and B where the power source would normally be indicated



An animated isometric drawing in pencil on paper of a form made up of 18 rectangular panels. The form changes shape and colour through three iterations then loops around and plays again.
The work was drawn in pencil, photographed, then animated and coloured in Photoshop.

Let's work

An animated gif showing a maquette made by Johanna Bolton working from a drawing by Simon Fell. The maquette shows a series of configurations of white paper squares hinged together at their edges in a loop.

Let’s work together

A drawing of New York City showing the Empire State Building super-imposed with the head of a kitten. The drawing is in charcoal on paper

NYC with kitten

An image drawn on black paper with white and ochre oil pastel. The lower image is a wireframe of a gabled house. In the opposite corner is a mirror image but half the size and upside down. The two images are linked by feint pencil guidelines that all pass through a vanishing point near the center of the page.

Home from home

Full title: “The closeness and accessibility of the Moon allow us to operate there in a way that is not possible with other space destinations.“
An ink and water colour drawing of the moon with two yellow no parking lines around it. In large capital letters on the moon is stamped “ PRIVATE NO PARKING”

The closeness and accessibility of the Moon allow us to operate there in a way that is not possible

A rough charcoal drawing on paper of a New York street showing the Empire State Building and a slightly fictional street view. This was done as part of a ‘WeExploreDrawing’ online class with Jeanette Barnes. I think I could claim to have tried to take her advice. Image is A3 size

From a distance - New York

A drawing taken from a screenshot of Strictly Come Dancing. It’s very rough in pencil on textured paper. It shows a group dance, the men in top hats and tails, the women in long white dresses edged with ostrich feathers. 
Brief :  Do you have a guilty pleasure? Make a work from that. So I love dancing, watching more than doing these days. I like it so much I am prepared to sit through hours of nonesense to get about 10 mins of amazing (and awful) dancing. I watch Strictly every winter. Pity about the drawing, this was a struggle, but you have to be prepared to fail in this game...


A pencil drawing of a bowl on a sculptured stand holding a pile of highly textured balls in the same configuration as the ones in the old Ferrero  Rochers ad from about 20 years ago. The drawing is roughly excecuted with a dark background that fades to scribbles around the pointed pile of balls
This is a piece I have been planning for a while but have not been ready to start. Doing this drawing has meant thinking about it in more detail. I did this in the presence of 20 or more other drawers on Zoom through @sculptordrawingspace (Instagram)

Ambassadors centrepiece

So here’s a picture of the book “Steal like an artist.”
It’s a drawing in pencil. Some of it is drawn in with tone and some of it is outlined, the overall effect is of an unfinished work.
The days theme is research. So I am pretending I have been reading this but actually I only read some of it a few years ago. It was an impulse buy from the Saatchi Gallery and I slightly regretted it. I can no longer remember if it’s any good, my sense is that it reads like it was written very quickly and is aimed at a very young audience.


This is a tool to help me make my work. It’s a turning frame so I can turn clay shapes more accurately. It comprises of a baseboard to hold a turning wheel with a wall along one edge about 15cm tall. There’s a hinged triangle mounted on top of the wall which tips forward over the wheel. At the tip of this triangle is a wooden clamp that holds a plastic card with a shape cut out of it. This shape is brought onto the edge of a lump of clay and forms a 3 dimensional shape by removing clay from the edge of the lump...

Clay Turning Frame

This is a drawing of a lego block in pencil on paper. The drawing is quite rough. The shading is strong and from random angles as you look around the block. It’s on rough paper.
In response to the brief I thought I have always loved making things and this toy represents a brilliant aid to that side of my nature. I imagine I was about 8 when these first came into my life and I just loved making things with them.


A drawing of the words ‘Function’, ‘Another’, ‘Action’, ‘Role’, ‘Purpose’ ‘Person’ all joined up with pencil lines to a few small people dotted about the page as well as a few ink blots. One figure at the bottom of the page has his/it’s back to us as if viewing the scene. Several of the words are in felt tip pen which is smeared as if the letters are moving.

Another function junction