eva duerden

Instagram: @eva.duerden

brown model
on white bed sheet

wooden frame

a close up zoomed in photo of a white model with column shaped holes, and teeth like grooves at the bottom sat on a wooden table, you can only see the bottom left corner

Close up

A person wearing a black shirt is sat down. You can only see their torso and neck and hands. One hand is resting on their chin and the other is resting in the thigh. Pinned to the breast pocket is a silver rectangular model with a gap as a center column that has the connector hooked to the clip.


A photo of a Black model
made out of gold and black modelling clay sat on wooden table with paint splatters on it and white chip paper wallpaper behind. on the wall just behind the model are the corners of two photos just out of view one on the left top corner is grey and top right corner shows the back of a black car. The model cast a clear shadow behind it on to the wall. The model is shaped like a really curved handle bars with two deep curved on the sides and one central oval connecting them with golden circle at the bottom.

handle bar steering wheel

black model in progress


silver model on brown table

silver cooked

drawing on grid paper


a black modelling clay model 2d with ridges on wooden table .


A screen shot of a phone screen showing a orange and yellow background and ‘phone’ ‘messages’ ‘spotify’ and ‘safari’, buttons at the bottom. Their are six square images all the same of black and white cat being carried by someone. the cat looks grumpy.

why guilty pleasure is being fucking annoying frankly. (ode to my long suffering cat marley)

A silver model on a wooden table top . close up . The model is 2d and has a bar that runs around the left and top edge with bars joining it to the main body. the main body is split by a central column and a long cylindrical blob running down the right side .


A screen shot of a phone photo reel , 3 by 4 square photos 12 in total. Each photo shows a hand wearing silver rings above a wooden table and a grey patterned carpet. each photo shows the hand holding a blue sparkly model that almost looks like a blade with ridges and a curl and indentations in the center, the hand is rotating the blue model with fingers in different positions like holding a chopping knife.

switch blade

A photo of a white hand sized model, it’s 2D and white. It has four bars down the center that connects to curves at either of the longer ends that join them and curve out and up at the top and bottom corners. A hand is just in shot just show the tips of finger tilting it so it catches the strong sun light. It is sat in metallic foil that is reflecting the model and the sun light.


A photo close up photo of a torso of person wearing a brown turtle neck top and silver rings on their little finger, ring finger and index is holding a putty beige colour object on the breast like a brooch . The object is a curve shoe shape with a curling pattern and vents carved into it.

car carpet

A photo of a close up of a hand sized model made of pearly white material, with a long stem and two hooks that follow the central stem and curl outwards, the top of the stem has a top with two more hook curls coming of it. The image is well lit creating a severe shadow onto that chip wallpaper behind it.

still a bit shy