Lou Macnamara

Bio: Trying to document something unproductive, not for work, each day.

Website: https://www.loumacnamara.com

Instagram: @lou_macnamara


Just working

Photo of rusty metal steps leading down into the sea below a concrete pier structure.

Working in North Wales (on a short break, walking by sea)

Photo of a dramatic landscape view. In the middle of a slate quarry, steps carved into the wall of otherwise sheer slate jagged cliffside.

Working in North Wales

High contrast photograph of sun setting behind clouds, with big rays spilling out over a silhouetted landscape of open countryside and hills.

Working in North Wales

Section of pale bleached hair coated in peachy pink hair die, resting on the shoulder of Lou wearing a black t-shirt.

Hair dye

Photo of a cross section (half-eaten) croissant with ham and cheese inside.

Veggie ham & cheese croissant

Phone photo of Lou, a white woman in her late 20s, on roller skates arms stretched midway to catching a football in the air in front of them. Lou is wearing a cream sweater, black tracksuit bottoms and full protective gear: helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads.

Skate ball

A white hand holds up a cardboard stencil, the workds cut out read: "KILL THE BILL" with a fist. the stencil casts shadows onto the white wall behind it.

Kill The Bill (collaboration with Charlie Mac)